Pine Kindling Project

Pine Kindling Project

Freo Firewood is proud to have partnered up with Activ Foundation on the Pine Kindling Project.

Freo Firewood and the Activ Pallet Manufacturing department put their heads together to find a way to turn their waste into a retail product and create employment. The answer? Freo Firewood building a custom made kindling making machine that when fed the certified pine timber cutoffs turns it into high quality, clean kindling.

Around 100 pieces per bag.

  • 5 sticks maximum to light a fire
  • 20 + fires per bag
  • The rougher the better- sticks with rough edges light easier.
  • Some customers have stopped using fire lighters

The Pine Kindling is now selling fast at a number of IGA supermarkets throughout the metro area and feedback from these retailers has been extremely positive, with one retailer now ordering the product by the pallet. The proof is in the selling…